Integrative Psychotherapy

Some professionals, myself among them, believe that the different kinds of psychotherapy have more in common than they have apart. There are so-called 'common factors' which are to be found in each kind of psychotherapy. Proponents of integration believe that the client's own process is more important than adherence to one particular model. Integrationists typically draw on a number of different modalities so as to address a client's difficulties in a way that is uniquely tailored for them. There are as many different ways of integrating, as there are psychotherapies themselves. While there are potential benefits to this, given the array of integrations possible, it is difficult to gain good scientific evidence for the efficacy of integrative psychotherapy.

It may be true to say, however, that integrative psychotherapy may be helpful in complex issues where more than one approach may have value. I have taught integrative psychotherapy at doctoral level for several years.