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Online Therapy

Psychologists and other mental health workers throughout the world up-skilled in order to provide most of their services online during the Covid-19 crisis. It has now become the preferred modality for many clients who live busy lives.

Online work has many advantages - not least being able to meet with your psychologist in your own home, at the office or during your lunch-hour.

In order to benefit from online therapy you will need a reliable broadband connection and be able to talk freely without being overheard or disturbed by others. Confidentiality remains of prime importance and it is important that you feel able to talk about whatever is on your mind. You should be out of earshot of others and ensure that you will not be interrupted as far as possible. It’s a good idea to ensure that you choose an appointment time that allows you to engage fully, rather than attempt to simultaneously do other tasks during the therapy hour. Children or pets should be taken care of before the start of the session.

While a desktop or a laptop is ideal, it is possible to connect from a mobile phone provided you are able to secure it in a fixed position in order to be hands-free. This is because it is very difficult  for me to listen carefully and track your thoughts if your picture constantly bobs around! Ideally, you should not have any bright lights behind you as this may make it difficult to see you clearly. You should also not be in a moving vehicle or out walking as either of these activities may interfere with your capacity to ‘be present’.

EMDR can be carried out online in most cases, but tapping will be used to achieve bilateral stimulation instead of eye movements. Occasionally, where clients present with complex trauma issues, working online is ill-advised for reasons of safety. This will be discussed and assessed beforehand.

Zoom is my platform of choice. Prior to your session you will need to create a (free) account. You will receive a link and password on the day before your session and it is a very simple matter to click on the link, provide the password and enter your private therapy space. Online sessions are provided at a lower cost than face-to-face sessions, which may make therapy more accessible in some cases.


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